About Us


The International Certified Risk Management Professionals was established in the UK to promote activities of professional membership, networking opportunities through conferencing and also provide other educational, continuous professional development (CPD) for members and non-members.

International Certified Risk Management Professionals operates wide Network of global representatives around the world, with the view to achieve the core objective of establishment. ICRMP has entered into agreement with all representatives who are refers to as Collaborating Member Bodies. Some of ICRMP Collaborating Member Bodies are:

  • Chartered Institute of Loan & Risk Management, Nigeria – CILRM,
  • Institute of Loan & Risk Management of Ghana – ILRMGH,
  • Certified Institute of Loan & Risk Management of Cameroon – CAMCILRM,
  • International Institute of Credit and Risk Management, Kenya – IICRM,

ICRMP together with all collaborating bodies are working in partnership to advance the practice of Risk Management Profession in Africa by adopting the best practices, ethical and innovative risk management approach.

How to apply:
If you are interested in applying for any of our certifications, please contact us at info@icrmpglobal.org

Our Goals

  • To establish recognized standards and procedures in the field of Risk Management.
  • To maintain high standards of professional quality and integrity amongst the membership.
  • To encourage the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of Risk Management.
  • To provide an advisory service and assist organizations with the introduction of Risk Management concepts to their business.
  • To provide members with a communication channel and disseminate information between themselves and other Institutes and Organizations.
  • To identify and recognise individuals and organizations who demonstrates competence in the use of Risk Management principles and practices.